2017 Purdy’s Private Reserve Calendar

'17 Cal

Tis’ that time of year for calendars. This is a bit of deviation from past years.  In 1977, I supplied vintage photographs for the Lassen High School’s Graphic Arts calendar. I did that until 2000 when the program was cancelled. In 2011 I resurrected the calendars for the Lassen High Alumni Association, though there interest has gone by the wayside. However, many individuals have expressed interest and so the calendars continue as a solo endeavor.

Log Slide

As always, there is a great line-up historic photographs. Some scenes include the Columbia float in the 4th of July parade of 1906, the 1891 log slide in the Susan River Canyon, Drakesbad 1920s, Gallatin Beach, 1960, Camp Lasco, 1923, the Lassen Monuments, 1920, the Big Store, 1915 and more.

To order click here, or those in Susanville can purchase them at Margie’s Book Nook.

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