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Lassen High Alumni DVD

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At a chance encounter at the annual Lassen High Alumni 2005 picnic, Chuck Dickens and Tim Purdy, both wanted to do something special for the school’s upcoming centennial in 2007.

It was decided to locate and digitize all the Rays of the Purple yearbooks, with the first one making its debut in 1904. It was quite the challenge, but with assistance from a variety of people the mission was accomplished.

Lassen High School The 2013 edition contains 116 yearbooks, amounting to over 15,000 pages chronicling the life and times of the students/staff/faculty/administrators of Lassen High High School, originally known as Lassen County High School, later as Lassen Union High School, now as Lassen High School.

Please note this DVD is NOT for viewing on a DVD player; view it on a computer as you would a Website.

'17 Cal

2017 Purdy’s Private Reserve Calendar

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For a number of years, I was involved with  Lassen High School’s Graphics Art Class that produced calendars from 1977 to 2000. Those calendars contained vintage photographs of the region. Then I did it briefly for the Lassen High Alumni Association. Its been forty years since the first calendar, and now I am going it as a solo endeavor, with a limited number of calendars, as people have enjoyed them over the years.

The calendars are done in a portrait format.  More importantly the the calendars still contains a great selection of historic photographs. Some of the scenes depicted this year are: Drakesbad, Fruit Growers Supply Mill, 1941, the 1906 Fourth of July parade, Susan River Canyon, 1891, Gallatin Beach, 1960, Camp Lasco and more.