Father Moran’s Quest

The original Sacred Heart Church.
The original Sacred Heart Church.

On April 9, 1939, Father Patrick J. Moran during his Easter Sunday service announced his intention that Sacred Heart Parish needed a new church. It was rather dramatic, since Moran had only been appointed to take care of the spiritual needs of Sacred Heart four months prior.

The old wooden church was built in 1892, and it was originally located on Richmond Road, adjacent to the bridge over Susan River. In 1909, the church was moved to the corner of Union and Nevada Streets.  However, the years had taken a toll on the wooden frame structure, and many parishioners complained that it was cold and drafty in the winter months, since the only heating was an ornate wood stove.

Moran, in his address, concluded that a new church would be built on the site of the current one. The following year, Moran received Bishop Robert Armstrong’s blessing. Shortly afterwards Sacramento architect Clarence C. Huff was awarded the contract to design the new church.

Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church,on Richmond Road 1905. Courtesy of Sacred Heart Church

However, Moran’s quest would take nearly ten years for it to come to fruition. More about that in a future post.

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