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On March 1, I will start posting on a daily basis. In the meantime, go to Tim’s Blog to see what has been posted so far. In addition, at the bottom of each post is a tag. These are beneficial once a number of postings exist, you can click on the Westwood tag for example, and it will display all the posts about Westwood.

Staff Photo
Staff of the Lassen Advocate, Christmas, 1878. Standing (L-R) Charlie Ward and A.L. Shinn.
Seated (L-R) R.L. Shinn, Edward A. Weed and Rowena Mallett*

*In 1870, the Shinn brothers moved with their parents to a homestead they located on Upper Smoke Creek. A most interesting family, besides the Shinn Ranch itself, both another story for another time.

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    1. Welcome, Bill. Hope you will enjoy the same. Also, if there is some topic you would like to see addressed, please let me know.

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