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Happy campers at Eagle Lake, 1914.
Happy campers at Eagle Lake, 1914.

On a quarterly basis, which began last July,  I ask you the reader, is there something you would like to learn more about or maybe its something you heard but question its validity.  So here is an opportunity to participate. I will do my best to answer any questions. It should be noted, it may take awhile for the answer to appear as a post. The primary reason, many of the daily posts are done nearly a month in advance. For instance, this item was composed on November 21.  So by the time you read this, I am already working on posts in the middle of March. Whatever the case may be, I look forward to hearing from you. Of course, it should be noted that paid subscribers requests receive priority. In addition, you can always send an request at any time.

The topics readers wanted to learn about are a wide range from the Susanville Coca Cola Plant to the Shinn Ranch.

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8 thoughts on “Your Topic”

  1. Thanks for the open request for subject matter, I like that. Also the winter journal post for 1861/1862 was just what I was interested in, so thanks again for that. I suppose you have Read William Brewer’s letters to his brother in “Up and Down California”. His account of that winter from the west side of the range has real parallels to the Lassen County report.

    Keep up the good work Tim and let me know when you last made a presentation for the Noon Rotary.


  2. Tim, Every morning look forward to your eclectic post about people, places and historical events in Lassen County. We have lived in Sutter County since 1989 but have always maintained interest in the people and history of the northeast corner. One thing I have wondered about is the “truth” about Peter Lassen’s demise. I work with the Sutter County Museum and have come the conclusion that many (most?) early community leaders were rascals… in order to survive. Many (most?) didn’t enjoy long term success. Sutter, Brannen, etc. It’s always difficult to pose truth if different then legend. Peter Lassen? Thanks for your work.

  3. Hi Tim.
    I am wondering if you have the information that used to be on the numbered points of interest on the Bizz Johnson Trail. I don’t mean the mile markers, but the other number posts. There used to be a paper flyer that had info about some former logging camp, or a water tower, or something along the tracks. We have checked with the museum at the depot, but they don’t have them and don’t know who else might still have them.
    Also, yesterday my wife and I drove through gold country and visited the state park at Columbia. In a small exhibit on the Mason’s contributions over the years they had Peter Lassen as a prominent person who was a Mason. He was highlighted along with George Washington, Earl Warren, Harry Truman and someone else I cannot remember. Sorry, but I didn’t think to take a picture. I thought you might be interested.

  4. Tim, your blog allows something to survive that seems to be slipping away. I refer to the barbershop. Although it might seem like a bunch of old white boys shooting the breeze, I have seen the environs of my local shop, and the prompting line of ‘Hey, you remember that time…’, and the conjured stories that were elicited from the other patrons. Magic. I know the local barber knows something about everything. Your blog reminds me of this. All we need now is the witty repartee and the smell of aftershave. Unfortunately, in the digital age, it is more than a trip downtown to get engaged. I feel fortunate to have a seat in your shop. Thank you for that.

    I guess my request would be for a story of the Smith Hotel. This might also cover the early series of fires that caused the rebuilding of Susanville (in part) several times.

    Thanks again for what you do.

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