Wild Horses

Wild Gatheres
In 1978, the Sierra Club published The Wild Horse Gatherers. It is an illustrated story of BLM’s wild horse round-up locally.

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A hundred years ago, the wild horse population was kept under control by out of work wranglers. During the winter months, it was not unusual for ranches to let go extra help, especially single men. A number of these men, would take a 160 acre desert homestead to make a home, especially properties with unclaimed springs. To make some extra money, they would catch wild horses and break them. By spring they would sell the horses, and pocket the money.

There was an unusual incident where wild horses were slaughtered. On January 31, 1906, the Sheriffs of Lassen and Washoe Counties had heard reports of wild horses being slaughtered along the state line in the vicinity of Rush Creek. It was soon learned that the horses being slaughtered for their hides were not just wild ones, but some were horses worth thousands of dollars that belonged to stockmen of the region. An investigation was made, and the horse hides confiscated, but the sheriffs could not locate the alleged perpetrators.


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