Whitehead Slough – Lassen County

Whitehead Slough, near the old Whitehead Ranch. May 24, 2017

Once the Susan River flows past Standish it starts breaking up into various sloughs. Whitehead Slough was named for John Wesley Whitehead.  On September 10, 1886,  Whitehead, then a resident of Pyramid Lake, Nevada purchased 321 acres in the Tule District from Joseph D. & Sarah Smith for $3,000. In 1920, Whitehead retired and moved to Pacific Grove. On April 5, 1922, Whitehead sold his ranch to David and Royce Raker for $1,000.

Remnants of the Whitehead diversion dam. May 24, 2017

One final picture . . .

Whitehead Slough where it enters Honey Lake, 1984.


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