What is in a name?

The NCO train near Amedee, January 1916. Courtesy of Marie H. Gould

The Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad had many names.  Until the end of 1892 the N-C-O was still subject to operating under the names of the Nevada & Oregon and Nevada & California Railroad due to the fact that some old bonds had not been paid. On January 1, 1893 the name was officially changed to the Nevada-California & Oregon Railway. The initials N-C-O, became a target for criticism of the railroad’s poor service.  The N-C-O received such dreadful titles as the Narrow Crooked & Onery. the Never-Comes-Over  Northern California Outrage and the Nevada-California Occasional.  J.M. Tremain, editor of Susanville’s Lassen Weekly Mail called the N-C-O a “tri-weekly.”  “It goes to Reno one week and tries to return the next.”


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