Washington School Condemned

The grammar school, 1915.

On March 18, 1948, the Trustees of the Susanville School District condemned the Washington School as it would no longer pass certain safety codes.  Built in 1900, the two-story brick building was showing its age prematurely. At that time the McKinley School was located on the same campus, and officials considered it just a matter of time that it too, would have the same fate. The state considered it a “distressed district” and provided some funding to rebuild the schools. However, the school district had to pass a $174,000 bond measure, to qualify, and the voters approved it.  Washington School remained at its Cottage Street location, while McKinley was relocated to Fourth Street. In 1980, Washington School closed. It later re-opened as Credence High School.

The school as it appeared in 1948.





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  1. In 1950 the 6th grade class at Lincoln Elementary School ( Main & Hall St. in Susanville Calif. ) Carrying arm loads of school books marched to the then called ” New Mckinley School at Forth & Gilman St’s. We only attended school there for about Two weeks . before summer vacation. That fall we started the 7th. Grade at Roosevelt Jr. High out on Richmond Road.
    This is easy for me to remember after 66 years , Only because today I realize just how much joy there was to have grown up in such a great city as I remember Susanville being in those days. Robert L. Ramey

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