Veteran’s Grave Markers

The grave of D.R. Stark one of the many veterans interred in the Susanville Cemetery, May 2, 2017.

On the evening of September 21, 1922, the Ladies Auxillary of the Thomas Tucker Post, American Legion met to go over a most interesting agenda.

First and foremost was some unfinished business. A vote was taken and approved to purchase thirteen headstones  to be placed in the Susanville Cemetery to mark the graves of former veterans, mainly those of the Civil and Spanish American wars. The Susanville Marble and Granite Works agreed to furnish the markers at four dollars each.  Mrs. A.G. Breitwieser and Mrs. Homer Vincent were appointed to handle the proper placement of the markers. Mrs. Robert Knipper was assigned the task to provide the information of the names and dates of the former soldiers.

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