Upcoming Tour Dates

Goggle sign
When traveling the back country around these parts. Google maps and GPS not the best move. Use some common sense. Though it should be noted that AAA maps indicated Shinn Ranch Road was maintained. May be it was back in the 1870s when the Shinns lived there.

Sooner or later we should start experiencing some nice weather conditions. After a long wet winter many are anxious to get out and about. With that in mind here are some of the tour dates scheduled:

Saturday, May 13 – Inspiration Point Tour. Susanville’s first park, provides a wonderful vista to explore the regions geology, as well as mining, and plenty of other topics in between.

Saturday, June 17 – Mural Tour. This is in uptown Susanville and not only the history behind the mural, but the history of the building that it is on. Should there be plenty of interest, this may be held once a month during the summer inconjunction with the Farmer’s Market.

Another view in the Sunrise Chamber

Wednesday, June 21 – Summer Solstice Sunrise Tour. Visit Belfast and see what happens, it only happens on this one day, every year since ancient times.

Saturday, September 16 – Lassen County Courthouse Centennial. A lot of activities are planned that day, including a Susanville Cemetery tour that will feature a cross section of county officials interred there.

Note: For non-subscribers there is a five dollar fee.


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