The Western Pacific’s Highline

Mohalla Siding, south of Lake Almanor, July 18, 1931. Courtesy of the Plumas County Museum
Awhile back I received an inquiry about the status of my research on the Western Pacific’s Highline. For those not familiar it is a 200 mile stretch of railroad between Keddie, California to Klamath Falls, Oregon. Western Pacific would construct a 112 mile stretch from Keddie to Bieber, Lassen County. The Great Northern Railroad would construct the segment from Klamath Falls to Bieber. The rail line was completed in November 1931 with a golden spike ceremony at Bieber.

As to the question at hand, the project literally got derailed. In future posts, however, we will explore some of the history of this line, which someone Western Pacific’s dubbed the line the Mountain View Route, but it was never adopted.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that the project on the Highline got derailed. I was sure looking forward to your take on the Highline’s construction , especially with your attention to details ! Hopefully it will get back on track eventually !


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