The Tule District – Honey Lake Valley

Tule District562
The Tule District highlighted in red.

From time to time, I make a reference to the Tule District, which is the lower end of the Susan River of the Honey Lake Valley.  Recently, I came across the above map, which is the kind of visual that makes it easier for many .

One of the attributes of the district, is water wars. Two of the biggest were one that involved the Colony Dam just below where Willow Creek enters the Susan River near Standish.  The other is the “granddaddy of all,” Fleming vs. Bennett. In the course of time, it involved every water user in the Susan River watershed, and also that of Baxter Creek. The adjudicated decree is the basis for the current allocation of water today.


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  1. Sometimes we forget that water was, is and forever will be the most precious commodity on Earth. Have there been postings on water wars? Did I missed the post about Spoonville?

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