The high and low of Lassen County

Pitt River School, near Pittville, 1916. Courtesy of D.M. Durst
Lassen County covers 4,690 square miles and that is a lot of territory. Not only that, is the diversity of terrain. With that in mind here is a little bit of trivia. The highest point in Lassen County is that of Hat Mountain in the northeast corner of the county at an elevation of 8,737 feet. The lowest point which is in the northwest portion of the county is Pittville on the Lassen-Shasta County line at an elevation of 3,270 feet.


3 thoughts on “The high and low of Lassen County”

  1. Hi,
    The old school is still standing. In fact there has been very
    little change. The bell tower is in tack, and the only real
    change is the cover over the front porch is gone. I am not
    sure about now but it was bought by the Crum family and
    turned into a private residence.

  2. Some of these old schools look very similar. I thaught this was the old Johnstonville School when I first looke at it.

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