The Christmas Ball

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The Ladies of the Sacred Heart were an energetic bunch during the early days of the parish. One of their most popular annual events were Christmas dances. The first one was held in December 1910, and was not only well attended, but was a successful fund raiser–as usual the proceeds were used to make improvements to the church. However the next year, when Deputy Sheriff William L. Blake was killed in the line of duty in November 1911, the proceeds of the Christmas dance went to aid his widow Minnie instead.

The Lassen Weekly Mail reported on December 26, 1913 : “Catholic Ladies Dance is Social Triumph. Inclement weather does not deter people from attending the Annual Ball.

“It looked as if the weather would prevent a large attendance at the annual Christmas ball of the Catholic Ladies of Susanville, but this was not the case for sixty-five couples who were out in spite of the snow and a very enjoyable time was had until three in the morning.

“The grand march began at at 9:45 a.m and was led by Elmer Winchell and Miss Katherine Bradley. From this time on dance followed dance until the 24 regular numbers had been exhausted and four extras added. Luncheon was served between 12 and 1 at the Grand Cafe.  Hon. Guy P. Johnson was floor manager and Dr. R.W.T. Garner assistant, while Mrs. James Blake took tickets at the door.

“Music was furnished by the Susanville orchestra and was better than usual. It is the universal opinion that the dance proved to be one of the most successful events from a social standpoint that has happened this winter. The ladies are to be congratulated for their triumph.”

After twelve years, in 1922, the last of the annual Christmas dances was held. A special appeal was made for attendance to this event, as the Catholic ladies were desperately raising funds to complete the rectory. It is not known why this popular event was not continued.

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