Scotts, a Western Pacific station in Long Valley. Courtesy of the Nevada Historical Society
First of all, wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Personally, I am thankful for readers of the posts who are quite supportive and inform me how much they enjoy them and learn. For me, that is important, a little encouragement goes a long ways, and the posts are a learning experience for me as well.

Tim Purdy

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Since I am originally from Westwood, I especially like any post about my old home town, but it is all good, Tim. Just keep them coming. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

  2. Tim, We/I truly enjoy each day’s note from Susanville/Lassen County (and vicinity). My interest in history was sparked when we lived in Susaville in the 1980’s. Somehow living in a smaller town and knowing family members of original white settlers/pioneers made history come alive. Keep it up! Jon

  3. Enjoy and love this site. I have lived in Lassen Co. Going on 50 years. Love seeing the past of old Lassen County. You do a great job!

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