Thanksgiving, 1966


First, I am wishing everyone a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving holiday. Some annual events come and go, and then some such as Sacred Heart’s St. Patrick’s Dinner just keep going on. While working in the filing bin, I found the above ticket. In my preliminary sleuthing, I have not been able to locate more information about this Thanksgiving Ranch Breakfast. I am examined the Lassen Advocate newspaper, and the only item the paper reported was it being listed under Make It A Date column. So if anyone has ever attended, or knows anything more enlightening please share with the rest of us.

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, 1966”

  1. It was a great event that originally began at the Ray Arjo ranch on Johnstonville Road, hence Ranch Breakfast. Arjo launched the tradition as a place for the bird hunters get a good breakfast early before they went out to hunt. When it outgrew that location it was held for a few years at the fairgrounds until the early 1970s when the new hall was built at the church on North Street. It continued there until about 15 years ago when it was discontinued due to the lack of membership to put it on and a change in church leadership. They had recently held their 50th annual breakfast when they ended the tradition. I worked on it for the last 20 years or so, trained to cook the hash browns by Ray Arjo himself. It was a big event for the church and at its peak had several hundred people in attendance. Fun times!

  2. Based on a display ad in the LC Times on page 5 of the Nov 16, 1993 newspaper advertising the 40th annual breakfast, the first breakfast must have held in 1953. I know they had a 50th annual breakfast, so it was held at least until 2003.

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