Susanville – Knights of Columbus

A portion of the local Knights of Columbus assembled at the Elk's Lodge, 1924. Courtesy of Jean Kern
A portion of the local Knights of Columbus assembled at the Elk’s Lodge, 1924. Courtesy of Jean Kern

Susanville’s first catholic organization  the Knights of Columbus was formed in the same year as the Susanville Elk’s Lodge and the Susanville Country Club. It was busy period in the town’s history.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of records about this particular organization.  Its initial membership was 70, with men recruited from Susanville, Westwood, Quincy and Portola. Delegates from Chico, Los Angeles and Reno were on hand with the formation of Mount Lassen Council #2549 of the Knights of Columbus.

After Mass was celebrated on October 26, 1924 the members paraded up Main Street from the Sacred Heart Church to the Elks Lodge to have their photograph taken. From there they went to the Knoch Hall were various degrees were conducted, and to organized the new council. The day was topped off with a banquet at the St. Francis Hotel.

Initially meetings were rotated between Susanville and Westwood. However, by 1930 interest in the organization had waned, and on the eve of its tenth anniversary of formation the chapter was dissolved.

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