Susanville Cemetery Relics

Shinn family plot, Susanville Cemetery, November 19, 2015

Over the years in the area surrounding and including the Susanville Cemetery various Native American artifacts have surfaced. In one particular instance the Lassen Advocate of 10 June 1881 reported the following: Indian Relics. In digging the ditch to lay pipe for conducting water to the cemetery, eighteen inches below the surface, Mr. Frost came upon four stone implements that were once used by Indians or some other race of people. One of the stones is evidently a mill for making flour from seeds or acorns, the other three were probably used for dressing skins. They have fallen into good hands, Mr. Frost is collecting these interesting relics of the past to be preserved.

Of particular note the grave of Mr. Frost will be included in September’s cemetery tour, as part of the centennial celebration of the Lassen County Courthouse.


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