Remember Dyer Mountain?

A view of Westwood with Keddie Ridge in the background, 1955.
It was seventeen years ago on this date that voters approved a ballot initiative to amend the county’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Westwood Area Plan to allow the development of a four-season resort near Westwood known as Dyer Mountain. It was proposed to build three golf courses, ski runs, along with thousands of houses, condos along with commercial retail projects. It became a contentious issue fought by environmental groups. Plagued with financial and legal issues the project has been derailed. I am sure there can be volumes about the topic.

One thought on “Remember Dyer Mountain?”

  1. I remember hearing about that project and thought my old home town was going to come back big and strong. I had mixed feelings about that, and I never did know all the details. Visiting the Westwood museum was a great experience. Seeing my parent’s high school year books and the old telephone directories with ours and grandparents listings was fantastic. Our old house is still standing, no idea who lives there now.

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