Early day Ravendale. Courtesy of Dorothy Capezzoli
Early day Ravendale. Courtesy of Dorothy Capezzoli

It was the last of three towns established on the Madeline Plains.  It was reported that the end of February 1910,  that the new station of Ravendale  was rapidly being built and rumor had it that it was to become a division point for the NCO railroad.  It was also stated that J.H. Williams and G. Horton were surveying a town plat.  Whatever the case may be, it was not until  November 15, 1913, the official town plat of Ravendale, on lands owned by Jim Coe, was surveyed and recorded with the County. According to Madeline Plains historian, Don Garate, the name Coeville had been suggested for the new town, but Laura Coe already chosen a name—Ravendale.

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