Ramhorn Springs

Entrance to Ramhorn Campground
Ramhorn Springs and Campground is located a sort distance east of Highway 395 between Secret Valley and the Madeline Plains. I was told recently, and I do not know if it is a fact, that the springs dried up in the recent drought. Anyhow, bighorn sheep once roamed much of eastern Lassen County. In 1881, Lum Roberts killed one on Skedaddle Mountain that weighed 200 pounds! In the early 1920s, only one band of sheep, consisting of about forty head, remained on Observation Mountain, not that far from Ramhorn Springs. The majority of that herd perished in the winter of 1922. Lassen County Game Warden, C.O. Fisher, noted that only six sheep were still alive at Observation in 1927 and by 1931 it was deemed that the sheep were extinct in the region.


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