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Roosevelt Pool, 2002
Roosevelt Pool, 2002

Here is a preview of the forthcoming posts

Roosevelt Pool 3/1/15
Camp A Fruit Growers 3/2/15
Chester Causeway 3/3/15
Old Lucy 3/4/15
Byers County 3/5/15
Lake School 3/6/15
Susanville Logging 3/7/15
Jackson Pollock 3/8/15
Ranching 3/9/15
Brand Project 3/10/15
Lassen County 1907 3/11/15
Road Tax 3/12/15
Cedarville, 1879 3/13/15
Goodrich 3/14/15
North Street 3/15/15

One thought on “Posts for March 1-15”

  1. The Roosevelt pool building brings back many memories from swimming there for PE to playing basketball in it when the pool was drained to swimming there at our Sr. High graduation party in June, 1963. Was sorry to see it all closed up and overgrown and fenced in the last time I was there (at our 50-year reunion in 2013). Thanks for posting the photo and thanks for putting up the website. I’m sure it will be appreciated by many. I have it bookmarked and will be checking in often.

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