On The Move

Neuhaus home
50 North Gay Street as it appeared in 1919. Courtesy of Leona F. Byars

A month ago, I mentioned an excursion to Susanville Supermarket, and how that created a post concerning a Living Memorial at the Lassen County Courthouse. Well, not that long after that when I was in Margie’s Book Nook, a customer asked me a question about a building and when it was moved to its current location. The building in question is now located at North  Roop and Willow Streets, Susanville. It was originally located at 50 North Gay Street, now the current site of the Bank of America. In 1978, in preparation to build the current bank the Italianate style home was moved to its present location. The home built in the early 1880s has had numerous owners over the years. My great-great-grandparents Ben and Franceska Neuhaus purchased the home in 1902, when they retired from their ranch in Willow Creek Valley.

Moving buildings has been a rather common occurrence around these parts. Another example is the Pioneer. In 1920 when Tuttle & Blight took over ownership, they built the current concrete structure we know today. The old wooden frame that existed prior, was placed on skids and moved down the hill to 924 Main Street, where it remains today, in a greatly modified state.

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