Old Lucy

Old Lucy
Old Lucy

On September 29, 1929 Old Lucy a colorful character on the streets of Susanville passed away, purportedly at the age of 125. While she best known as Old Lucy, she also had another Anglo name, Sally Norman. Dubbed a “picturesque” Native American of the era, she was a familiar sight as she ambled about Susanville, bundled up in numerous clothes, walking with the aid of a stick. People who knew her back in the 1870s considered her old back then. While her age was exaggerated when she died, documents placed her age at around 100. Whether she was born in the Honey Lake Valley is not known, though there accounts that she recalled when Peter Lassen came to valley. In addition, it is stated she was part of the Maidu tribe.


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  1. Hi,

    Here is what the Indian Census Records show for Lucy. Her
    name was “Nut-je-ge-he” , her birthday was given as 15 May 1828. Tribe was Pit River, full blood, and she was a widow.
    She had an allotment that in 1928 was worth $500.00 which had been awarded by the Agency in Sacramento.

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