Mount Lassen vs. Lassen Peak

1917 eruption of Lassen Peak.
Call it what ever you may, and most people will refer to it as at Mount Lassen, though it is officially Lassen Peak. It does get confusing especially since so many of the prominent points of the Cascade Range have the appellation of Mount, i.e., Hood, Ranier and Shasta. When Lassen came into national prominence during its notable eruptions of 1914-15, it prompted the United States Board of Geographic Names to resolve the name issue. On June 2, 1915, the board officially named it Lassen Peak. But not everyone embraced the official designation. For example in 1917, when the peak had another eruption, E.W. Hayden of Susanville’s Lassen Advocate wrote, “Old Mount Lassen (we’ll call it Mount, if we want to) had another tremendous eruption of steam, smoke and ashes on Wednesday, and the display is regarded as one of the greatest since it ‘came back’ as a volcano.”


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