Milford Creamery Update

Lakeshore Creamery, Milford, 1903

Last month, I lost a dear friend David Wemple (1931-2017). While a contemporary of my mother, I had known David for forty years. The truth be known, I was probably still wearing diapers when I started researching.

Two years ago, I asked David, the story behind the Milford Creamery’s demise and he wrote:  “The main trouble with the creamery was too many bosses and too few laborers. They had to put a lot of money into both buildings, the creamery and the milking shed, that they built. This milking shed may still be standing. It could be that Joe, their father, helped monetarily with the venture. Anyway, the short of it is, the brothers simply didn’t get along that well. My great grandfather, Joseph C. Wemple was, according to Dad, [Claude Wemple] was generous to a fault and John, the oldest son told Dad on one occasion that it was not uncommon for Joe to have in excess of $10,000.00 in cash in his house. This was money from the flour mill located in Milford. I remember these mill stones. They were eventually broken up with a sledge hammer to rock up a spring with.”


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  1. Thank you Tim for sharing this bit from my cousin David Wemple. I had never heard what happened to the mill stone(s). David was a wealth of Wemple family information and will be missed…
    Kay McDonald

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