Local Stock Options

Standish Hall
Stock certificate courtesy of Dick and Helen Harrison
In the early 1900s, locally, businesses as well as fraternal organizations incorporated as a means to raise funds. A perfect example was that of the Standish Hall Association. Incorporated in 1908, it financed a two-story building in Standish. Typical of the era, the second floor was used as a hall for fraternal organizations. The first floor, of course, was rented to commercial enterprises, with those proceeds used to maintain the building, etc.
The Standish Hall still exists in a state of arrested decay and better known to many as the former home of Neil’s Mercantile.


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  1. I remember going in the Mercantile as a young girl with my grandparents. I can’t remember the ladies name, but she was always nice. I do recall she fed a bunch of cats scraps from her store’s side door that faces where Wayside is.

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