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From time to time, I will post local news, since so much coming and goings in the region go unreported. With three different news outlets, one would assume that there would be considerable coverage.

Amedee, 1916
Amedee, January, 1916 courtesy of Marie Herring Gould

Amedee Sold. While this event is a year old, it is still unknown to many. On February 24, 2014, the Humphrey family that owned Amedee Hot Springs, the abandoned townsite and surrounding ranching property for nearly a century sold it to Hays Ranches for $450,000. It should be noted, that the Humphreys were involved in the McKissick Cattle Company that purchased the Amedee holdings in 1915. By the late, 1920s the town had been abandoned, save for a caretaker. However, visitors would stop by to take advantage of the old bathhouse for a soak from the hot springs.

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  1. I remember going out to Amedee several times when I was a kid, and try out the hot baths. It was difficult to get the water cool enough to get in it. The old hotel was still stand at the time. That was about 1946.

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