Lassen High School Sites, 1968

Miller’s Construction getting ready for the demolition, June 1968.
Just a bit of trivia today. In the mid-1960s the trustees of Lassen Union High School gave consideration to locate the campus at the north end of Weatherlow Street. When the California Highway Department officials assured the trustees that there was going to be a highway bypass, it was decided to keep the original campus. This was in the same era when Lassen Community College had severed ties with the high school and was in search of a new home, and one of those locations is now Susanville Ranch Park. The college liked that property, but they did not like the purchase price.


3 thoughts on “Lassen High School Sites, 1968”

  1. I played on that field in 1956. (We won, actually went undefeated that season). What I remember was the pre-game meal at the Lassen Hotel. It was, by far, the best road game meal we ever had.

  2. I was out of the country in 1968. In fact that was the year I got married in Japan. I did not learn about the demolition and replacement of Lassen High until much later. Sad that the old lady had to go, but she served her purpose for many years. Lots of memories attached to those bricks. Miss seeing her on those rare occasions when we drive down Main St.

  3. does anyone have any idea when the school was built
    my mom went to school there and she would have been 100 this year

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