Lassen Grain & Milling Company

Lassen Grain & Milling
Lassen Grain & Milling Company, circa 1918. Courtesy of Dick & Helen Harrison

In February 1917, this new company was organized with Fred Bagin spearheading it. When the news broke, it made the grain growers of the Honey Lake Valley rejoice. After all, the flour mill at Johnstonville had been closed nearly a decade and the Janesville mill was operating at half capacity, and only during the harvest season.

The site selected was on Richmond Road across from the Susanville Depot. Excavation began in April with the goal of being in operation by June. However, with President Wilson’s declaration of war, changed everything. Building supplies and especially machinery was difficult to come by, and the war effort took priority. It was not until mid-November when it was placed into operation. The company’s brand name was Honey Lake Family Flour.

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