Jensen Barn

The Jensen barn, 1900. Courtesy of Abe Jensen
The Jensen barn, 1900. Courtesy of Abe Jensen

Over the course of time the region has seen a wide variety of barn styles. Some had lasted through time and others not, for one reason or another.

In 1864, a German immigrant, Jurgen Jensen located in Susanville, where entered into a partnership with William Brockman, to operate a blacksmith shop. In the ensuing years, the two men, went off on their own, each locating on property along Johnstonville Road.

In 1891, Jensen had a large three-story barn built on his ranch. On September 11, 1923, the barn was destroyed by fire and it was believed to be caused by spontaneous combustion. Stored inside was 200 tons of hay, valued at that time around $3,500. The barn was insured for $1,500, but it was not enough to cover the cost to replace it.

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One thought on “Jensen Barn”

  1. Can you tell me where the Jensen ranch was/is located? I beleived it to be off of Hwy 44, according to my Sister in law that is where she used to go to visit her Grandfather. Jurgeon Jensen is her direct descendent she has never mentioned a ranch on Johnstonville Road when talking her family history

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