Jackson Pollock

Diamond Mountain Inn
Diamond Mountain Inn as it appeared in the 1920s and was located next to the Masonic Hall. It was destroyed by a fire in 1931.

In January 1920, LeRoy Pollock purchased the Diamond Mountain Inn, a 22-room two story hotel, along with 140 acres at Janesville from J.B. and Katherine Rice for $6,000. The Inn, was originally just known as the Janesville Hotel and was built in 1872 by Dennis Tanner. While the transaction was noteworthy, one of residents would later become well-known in the art world, Jackson Pollock. You see, Leroy Pollock was Jackson’s father, and along with his four other brothers—Charles, Marvin, Frank and Sanford became Janesville residents and attended school there. However, the Pollock family were a restless lot and moved around a great deal. In September 1921, the Pollocks sold the hotel and were on the move again.

Janesville 1911
Main Street, Janesville, 1911


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