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Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point, 1930s. Note the original McKinley and Washington Schools in the foreground. Remember, you can click on the picture for a larger image.

For decades this prominent feature at the west end of Susanville had no name. The locals just referred to it as the “bluff.” By late 1918, it appeared that the Great War, now referred today as World War I, was coming to end. Locally, discussions were held how to honor the men from Lassen County who lost their lives. It was proposed a monument be placed at the bluff and the bluff be named Lookover Loop. This, of course, did not materialize. More about this and other attempts to develop this remarkable landmark will be one of my topics to be addressed at September’s forthcoming tour. Please note, this is a paid  subscriber’s only event. It is never to late join in on the fun. Details as to dates and times will be forthcoming to subscribers. Consideration is being given to do two: one mid-week in the evening and the other on a Saturday or Sunday. Those who are either out of the area, or have prior commitments, of course, will receive a paper on the topics discussed.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration Point Tour”

  1. Tim, Have truly enjoyed your blog…creates pleasant flashbacks to the best decade of our lives while living in Susanville/Richmond area 1978-1988. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Look forward to the September Tour. As I’ve only been a subscriber for a month or so, how will we be notified of the dates? Will it be by email or regular mail? Thanks!

  3. Tim, as a child I always wanted to ride down the fire escape on one of those school buildings. We drove past the schools on our way to the ice house by the rail road, once a week during the summer. We needed ice for the ice box.

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