Indian Basket History

Indian Baskets549
Cover page of Viola Roseberry’s book. Remember to click to enlarge the photograph.

Susanville resident Viola Roseberry (1860-1936) had a special fondness of Native American heritage and that of their basketry. She possessed a large basket collection. In 1915, the collection was displayed at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco. To coincide with the exhibit she published a book, Illustrated History of Indian Baskets and Plates made by California Indians and Many Other Tribes. Book had a price of 50 cents.

The cover picture is of Lena Peconum who has numerous descendants in this area. Viola wrote stories behind the baskets, such as one Maidu woman Comanche, who at the time was believed to be the oldest Maidu weaver, approaching 100 years of age, and residing in Genesee Valley, Plumas County.

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  1. I recently was given a copy of the book that is mentioned, and there are so many superb baskets illustrated within its pages. Do you have any idea what became of this collection? (I’m hoping that it survived intact somewhere, possibly in a museum.)

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