How high is Honey Lake?

Honey Lake, 1984
Honey Lake, February 1984. To the right is the Hartson Sand Ridge. Photograph courtesy of Bob Sorvaag
There is no question that there is a lot of water in Honey Lake. For some it might seem something like a novelty, since the lake has been dry for so long. While levels of Eagle Lake are taken on a monthly basis, that is not the case with Honey. Anyhow, Honey Lake has been a lot higher, than it is presently.

The winter of 1906-07 ushered in a notorious wet cycle. March of 1907 was rather dramatic with over 12 inches precipitation—sometimes in the form and rain, and other times as snow. In January 1911, witnessed the first of two “big snows” wherein Susanville received 8 feet; Standish five feet, Wendel 8 feet. The lake flooded vast sections of land past Standish. This prompted B.F. Gibson of Litchfield to propose a canal from Honey Lake to Pyramid Lake as way to rid the area of excess water.


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