Honey Lake Valley, 1844

Honey Lake Valley, 1898. Courtesy of Betty Barry Deal
Long before, Lassen and Roop set foot in the Honey Lake Valley, numerous Anglos had frequented the area since the early 1820s. For a time, Honey Lake Valley was referred to as Hot Springs Basin. In July 1844, William Thomas Hamilton (1822-1908), member of a fur-trapping group, was one such early day visitor. Hamilton wrote in his memoirs: “We reached a beautiful valley called to-day Honey Lake Valley, but at that time without a name. We remained here three months, enjoying ourselves as only men can who love the grandeur of nature. Our time was spent in exploring, hunting, fishing, reading and practicing with all arms.”

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  1. Tim,

    It must have been incredible to be one of the first visitors to the valley. Do you know how it became to be named “Honey” Lake?

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