Highway 36

Highway 36 Fredonyer
The road over Fredonyer as it appeared in 1914.

In 1903, the first automobile traveled through Lassen County. Ten years later the car craze struck the region, as it did the rest of the state. These new car owners were anxious to travel, but the old wagons roads of yore, was not acceptable. In 1916, the voters of California passed an $18 million bond measure that led to the beginning of the state highway movement. Construction slowly began on Highway 36 and one of the momentous occasions occurred in 1923. It was the completion of the $45,000 concrete arch bridge over the Susan River at Devil’s Corral. In the summer of 1929, the last link of the highway between Red Bluff and Susanville was completed with a realignment of the roadway near Coppervale. The process to build the highway took nearly twelve years at a cost of a million dollars. The state initially designated as Highway No. 29 and in 1935 it was changed to Highway No. 36. Another important aspect when the highway was completed that state did snow removal to keep the highway open year around.

Devil's Corral Bridge
Devil’s Corral Bridge

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  1. Drove over that concrete arch bridge many times. I remember, too the old wagon road down into Devil’s Corral being a real nail-biter. Drove it a few times to fish the River. …Ran off the road near there in a “white-out” one winter. Snow plow pulled me out of the ditch. Followed it on to Westwood. I was driving a Jeep 4×4, too.

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