Hallelujah Junction

The junction as it appeared in the 1950s.
The junction as it appeared in the 1950s.

It was not Orville Stoy’s original intention to establish Hallelujah Junction.  Stoy was involved in building a dance hall at Standish and before it was finished burned to the ground. Discouraged he moved to Long Valley and took up an 80-acre homestead. Since there was no gas station between Doyle and the Nevada State line, he established one there.  With the repeal of prohibition in 1933,  provided Stoy an incentive to expand his outpost. By 1940, a bar, restaurant and motel had been constructed. There was even the “Hallelujah International Airport” that consisted of a couple of airplane hangers and a runway that was an abandoned stretch of Highway 70. In 1973, the State of California purchased Hallelujah Junction. It was obliterated for the construction of the four-lane freeway from there to the Nevada State line.

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5 thoughts on “Hallelujah Junction”

  1. I remember taking the bus to Chico and back and Dad would pick me up there. The driver always announced, “Halleujah, we are here!!”

  2. Orville Stoy was my great grandfather. He sold it to his son, Harold, sometime around 1946. I was also sad to see it go. It’s good that there is still something there, but the spirit isn’t there.

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