Gerlach, Nevada

Gerlach, 1914
Gerlach, 1914

 Gerlach is Becoming a Metropolis. The town of Gerlach on the end of the Western Pacific is already the metropolis of northern Washoe County and is growing so rapidly that it will have a voting precinct of its own this fall.

It will be the old Salt Marsh precinct, but a change will be made of the polling place to that point. The Buffalo Meadows farmers are kicking about the additional twenty mile drive to the polls, but as they previously had to go thirty-five miles, it is thought that the extra distance will not hurt them.

There is a strong attraction possessed by Gerlach, which now boasts four saloons and more coming.

Long Valley, some forty miles to the north, is also settlig up rapidly. There is a reclamation scheme in progress there and it is forecasted that the valley will be thickly settled and prosperous before many years pass.

Gerlach is now the freight division point for the Western Pacific and is the shipping place for the southern end of Surprise Valley, California, to which place a county road was recently constructed.

Source: Lassen Advocate,  2 September 1910

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  1. My uncle, John (Red) Welch had a cattle ranch about 20 mi. east of Gerlach. He didn’t come into Gerlach very often, but when he did they knew he had been to town. He moved there in the late 20s and lived there until about 1980 when he passed away. A very colorful character.

  2. Great article Fred–I’m sure my Dad knew your uncle–They might possibly have had a drink or two together out there–

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