Fort Janesville

Native Daughter’s plaque for Fort Janesville site.

During the Pyramid Lake War of 1860, residents of the Honey Lake Valley took precautions and fortified themselves at different places. At Janesville, the residents built a stockade measuring 63’ x 90’ from pine logs that were12 to 14 feet high. After the fears of Indian attacks had subsided, the fort was used as a private school from 1861-1864. In 1865, the school was abandoned and area residents helped themselves to doors, windows and anything else they wanted. Asa M. Fairfield wrote, β€œThe stockade stood for a good many years and fell down a log at a time.”

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2 thoughts on “Fort Janesville”

    1. Just west of the school on the right hand side of the road, across the road from where the big barn is (was). When we were kids in the late 60’s early 70’s, people passing by would ask us where it was and we would send them up the Janesville grade, Now as an adult I realize how mean that was.

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