Fairview School District

Fairview School District Map, 1910.
In January 1910, east side residents of Honey Lake petitioned for the formation of a school. They cited that there were twenty-seven eligible students in the proposed district. The nearest school was at Amedee, and the majority of the petitioners resided some 12 miles distance. However, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors did not approve the new school until November. The residents built a schoolhouse in the center of the district, since there were no towns in the area. That would suddenly change with Calneva Station established by the Western Pacific Railroad and Stacy on the Southern Pacific. In 1915, Calneva experienced a boom of sorts, and separated from Fairview to form the Fort Sage School. Fairview continued on even as the population dwindled and in 1936 the school closed for a lack of students.


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