Election Day

Lassen County Courthouse, 1922.
Lassen County Courthouse, 1922.

It is indeed election day, and a sigh of relief that we will not have endure any more campaign rhetoric, etc.  I am keeping today’s post short and brief, just as a  friendly reminder to encourage everyone to vote today.  In 1976, I worked elections for the Lassen County Clerk for the first time and have done so for many years since, even working this year’s primary. However, for this election I will be absent as an official, since my name is on the ballot for Lassen College Trustee Area #1.

More importantly, the average citizen is unaware of just how much work is involved to hold the election. With that in mind, please, please go vote, it will bring smiles to faces of all the precinct workers, who we should be so grateful for all the work and the long hours they do on this special day.

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One thought on “Election Day”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Tim, our precinct team put in l4 1/2 hours yesterday and the people up at the Couthouse put in alot more than that! It was great to see so many people turn out and vote! And congratulations to everyone that ran in all of the races, it is wonderful when good people step forward to lead.

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