Earthquakes – Still Shaking

Main Street, Susanville, 1885. Courtesy of Betty Barry Deal
While searching for information on Dry Valley, Nevada, I came across my earthquake file, while looking for my East Lassen file. Anyhow, I came across this article from the Susanville correspondent to the Reno Evening Gazette, dateline February 6, 1885.

“Real estate in Honey Lake Valley for the past week has been decidedly shaky, and when things are to get settled down to a firm and reliable basis it is hard to determine. Since last Friday night there have been no doubt at least 50 shocks of earthquakes felt in the valley. Today something like a dozen have been felt here in town. One at seven o’clock this morning was quite lively. The shocks seem to be more frequent and harder around Janesville. It is a well established fact that below Buntingville, crossing the Epley Ranch, is a place that “sounds hollow” when being crossed and at intervals rumbling sounds are heard traveling along this place. The sounds seem to come from the mountains to the west and travel toward the lake. Horses when plowing over this place have become frightened at the sounds beneath their feet. This has been repeated for years. The occurrence of so many earthquakes in this locality seems remarkable and how ad when they will cease seems to be a hard conundrum to answer just now.

“Not the earthquakes alone but the weather is phenomenal. Yesterday the thermometer reached 68 degrees in the shade, while for a week or more there has been no frosts at night. Last night and today we had quite heavy showers of rain and the snow is fast disappearing from the mountains.”


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