Eagle Lake Cabins

R.F. Pray’s Eagle Lake cabin. Courtesy of Wyn Wachhorst

While I have focused a lot on the Gallatins, there were a few other cabins built at the south shore of Eagle Lake, on the handful parcels the Gallatins did not own.  For the record, it should be duly noted that the Gallatins at one time gave consideration of providing cabin sites on a lease basis, but that never transpired.

The next summer home at the lake was that of R.F. Pray’s, who was the general manager of the Red River Lumber Company. It should be noted that Pray was the only non-family member to hold that position in Red River. While Pray’s name was attached to the cabin, it used by the Westwood community.

The water carnival at the Sunkist Lodge, 1921. Courtesy of Ed Standard

In 1920, Fruit Growers Supply Company established their sawmill operations at Susanville. They built a cabin at the south shore of the lake, they dubbed Sunkist Lodge. This was made available to employees, and is still owned by Fruit Growers.


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