Eagle Lake, 1915

An Eagle Lake ice cave, circa 1916. Courtesy of Wyn Wachhorst
This spring I wrote about the pamphlet entitled Lucky Land of Lassen that was produced and distributed at the Panama Pacific International Exposition that was held in San Francisco during 1915. At that time, I mentioned that we examine the material, and with that in mind, here is the first of two installments concerning Eagle Lake. The following is the earliest account concerning the lava beds and ice caves.
“To the west of Spalding lies what is known as the ‘Lava Bed county,” about seven miles long and three or four miles wide. This is the wildest region in this section, and excepting the vegetation, it is almost as when the lava first cooled. It is full of caverns, wells and cracks, one of the latter being five miles long and three to twenty feet wide. In one place it has been sounded to a depth of 160 feet and no bottom found. In this crack there is an ice cave where plenty of ice may be obtained any year until August and some years throughout the entire summer.”


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