Dracula and the Lassen Cemetery

The infamous missing marker.
In the fall of 2015 while recuperating from my hip accident it did allow plenty of time to think. I had considered doing a short Halloween Cemetery tour at Lassen Cemetery featuring some of the more colorful characters of our past. Of course the first stop would be the grave of Vlaad Eifilnar b. 1551 d. 1662. Those dates are not a typo folks. Some are under belief that was Count Dracula’s name. The marker of note is typical of the 1930s and who placed it there is not known. In addition, when the county put in a new water system, and added sod, the marker was moved and I do not know where to.


One thought on “Dracula and the Lassen Cemetery”

  1. I do not know where you dug up this one, Tim, but very appropriate for this date. I always wondered what ever happened to old Vlad.

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