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Introduction. – Everything is evolving, as there are so many aspects. The archives belong to everyone, which have been accumulated by various means over the years. Many records were entrusted to me, because the donors knew not only would they be safe, but shared with the community. There are other records that I have saved from destruction, which in one case had its consequences where I was sued for salvaging county records that would have gone to the dump, because no one wanted them.  Then there have been instances where I have purchased items, such as the D.M. Durst collection consisting of over 60 photographs taken in 1916 of nearly every school in Lassen County. The seller offered more, but due to lack of funds I had to decline.

Senic View
One project involves the scanning of negatives. The above is a print from a negative scan of Fruit Growers Supply Company, Susanville, which there are probably 700+ negatives of Fruit Growers.
Index Card

Transcribing the Lassen Advocate indexes 1868-1871 and 1916-1926 that was assembled as a Works Progress Administration project of the 1930s, is another possibility. Interested in World War II, there are records of the Lassen County Militia that need to be assembled.

However, the record stuff you might find boring, but there are other ways to lend a helping hand. For an example, the web site is done by a volunteer, though others pitch in.  One of the best things you can do is tell a friend about the site and promote books, which helps fund everything. Marketing is not one of my better skills, so step up to the challenge if you can lend a hand with that skill. Then, there is cemetery work and the list goes on and on.

Rewards. If you made it this far, There are various rewards for whatever you might do, besides an enriching experience. After all no good deed goes unnoticed.