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February Preview

Construction of the Fernley & Lassen Railroad, west of Susanville, January 1914. Courtesy of B.R. Zimmerman Collection

As usual, things are subject to change.

Saga of George Long 2/1/17
Papoose Meadows – End of an Era 2/2/17
Golden Eagle Mine – Hayden Hill 2/3/17
Indian Basket History 2/4/17
Anniversary Time 2/5/17
The Iron Horse Irony 2/6/17
Dixie Valley – Lassen County 2/7/17
Amedee Geyser Newspaper 2/8/17
Susanville – Burma Road 2/9/17
Lassen County Military History 2/10/17
Spalding Tract’s first cabin 2/11/17
Lassen County – Heath Reservoir 2/12/17
Lassen County – Conklin Sawmill 2/13/17
A Little Love . . . 2/14/17
Westwood’s Opera House 2/15/17
Introducing Ebenezer C. Brown 2/16/17
The Eagle Lake Cut 2/17/17
Noble’s Pass 2/18/17
McKissick Cattle Company 2/19/17
Perspectives 2/20/17
William Greehn 2/21/17
I will have that water, please! 2/22/17
Davis Cut – Lassen County 2/23/17
Eagle Lake Exotic Species 2/24/17
Riverside School 2/25/17
Leon Bly – Bad Karma? 2/26/17
A sawmill burns . . . 2/27/17

Not Much Ado

The Bank Club, Susanville. Courtesy of Hank Martinez
The Bank Club, Susanville. Courtesy of Hank Martinez

It has been some time since I took a day off. As today is my birthday, I am going to tweedle dee and tweedle dum  the day away. A regular post resumes tomorrow.

The back room of the Bank Club.
The back room of the Bank Club.

P.S. – For those wondering, I won re-election to the Lassen College Board of Trustees–a real squeaker by 71 votes!

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Cows with Guns

Tanner Ranch, 1934.
Tanner Ranch, 1934.

Some people know I have a special affinity for New Zealand. Of course there are a variety of Lassen connections with the land of the kiwis. One of the best photographers of the Lassen region of the 1870s, Herman Brince died in Auckland in 1881. Then there is case of Dr. J.G. Leonard, hardly a household name here or there. It should be noted that in 1884 Leonard had constructed one of Susanville’s most iconic buildings, known today as the Elk’s Lodge. Leonard’s descendants reside in New Zealand. The Asher family were among the prominent Jewish families of Susanville, though they later left that town to help establish Hollywood and Asher descendants, too, reside in New Zealand. In addition, even a Shinn descendant is a New Zealand resident.

So what does this bizarre topic with Cows with Guns have to do with New Zealand. Not only do I read the New Zealand Herald, but I listen to a New Zealand radio station. Recently, that station played a medley by Dana Lyons  entitled Cows with Guns. It is on youtube and click here to listen.  The lyrics with the puns are great, and I am sure Lassen County’s ranching community will enjoy. With that in mind, enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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September Preview

The Round Barn, Little Valley, Lassen County, prior to it being moved to Fall River Mills. Courtesy of Tom Glunt
The Round Barn, Little Valley, Lassen County, prior to it being moved to Fall River Mills. Courtesy of Tom Glunt

As usual, a little bit of everything!

Lassen County at 150 9/1/16
The Cattleman 9/2/16
Cows with Guns 9/3/16
Susanville, 1916 9/4/16
A Gift 9/5/16
Isaac Roop Highway 9/6/16
Indian Valley Railroad 9/7/16
Lucerne School 9/8/16
Westwood American Legion 9/9/16
Octoberfest Cemetery Tour 9/10/16
Lassen Lumber & Box Company 9/11/16
Desmond Meadows 9/12/16
The Harvest Festival 9/13/16
Early Postal Problems 9/14/16
Plumas County – Longville 9/15/16
Lassen College Gunsmithing 9/16/16
Susanville – Union Street 9/17/16
Eagle Lake – Tunnel Bay 9/18/16
Brand Project Update 9/19/16
Pine Tree Newspaper 9/20/16
Boyd – Lassen County 9/21/16
Susanville Airport 9/22/16
Janesville Then & Now 9/23/16
1887 Brand Directory 9/24/16
Self Guided Tours 9/25/16
Lassen County – the other McCoy Flat 9/26/16
Grabel’s Hole 9/27/16
Introducing Mr. Paul Bunyan 9/28/16
Lonkey Ranch 9/29/16
October Preview 9/30/16

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Your Topic

Janesville Grade, 1953. Courtesy of Fred Lendman
Janesville Grade, 1953. Courtesy of Fred Lendman

On a quarterly basis,  I ask you, the reader, if there is something you would like to learn more about or maybe its something you heard but question its validity.  So here is an opportunity to participate. I will do my best to answer any questions. It should be noted, it may take awhile for the answer to appear as a post. The primary reason, many of the daily posts are done nearly a month in advance.  So by the time you read this, I am already working on posts in the middle of September.  Whatever the case may be, I look forward to hearing from you. Of course, it should be noted that paid subscribers requests receive priority. In addition, you can always send an request at any time.

The topics readers wanted to learn about from the last inquiry are a wide range from Susanville’s Sierra Theater,  Honey Lake’s Dragoon Bridge to Antelope Lake and the Ramsey Ranch.

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Where are we?

July 7, 2016
July 7, 2016

The other week there was a post Go Exploring and that is what I recently did. One of the sites visited played a major role in Lassen County development, though there is no historical marker and in addition no reference on maps. The initial concept was in 1875, construction began in 1881 and the site was not abandoned until 1917.

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