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Mattison House
Mattison House, near Standish, circa 1900. It was located to the east of the town, at “four corners.”

It has now been two months since the site was launched, and over a month since the daily blog began.

Of course, since I started this new venue, it is important to me receive feedback, as to what some like or do not like, and then again something you would like to see. After all, I do not possess any psychic abilities.

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Easter Sunday

Methodist Church, 1905
Susanville’s Methodist Church, 1905

It being Easter Sunday, I thought it would only be appropriate to provide some of the history of religion in our region. The Methodist Church had a profound influence on the Honey Lake Valley. In 1860, this church held their first service in Susanville. By 1905, there were Methodist Churches in Janesville, Johnstonville, Standish and, of course, Susanville, more than any other denomination.  Continue reading Easter Sunday

Potter’s Maternity Plaque

Potter's Maternity Home
Pottter’s Maternity Home

As many may be aware, Rite Aid plans a 17,400 square foot building on the 1600 block of Susanville. All the buildings on that block are scheduled to a be demolished. I do not have any problem with this, in fact I am favor of the project. My only concern is the bronze plaque at the bank be saved and incorporated in the new enterprise. Anyone who is concerned needs to contact Craig Sanders at the City of Susanville to express your concern. The details of the project can be found here.



Lake School

Lake School
Lake School, 1886

One of the original six school districts established in 1864. In 1877, the District constructed a two-story schoolhouse with the assistance of the Independent Order of Good Templars. The second story was used as a hall for that organization. In 1934 the second story was removed as part of a WPA project. Francis Wilbur, a local carpenter was hired to do the work at a cost of $1,740.

In 1953, a ballot referendum was held to consolidate the Janesville, Lake, and Missouri Bend schools. The Lake District voters opposed it. In 1971, the school closed and annexed to Janesville. In 1975, the Janesville District declared the Lake School as surplus property and it was deeded to George and Jane Bailey. The schoolhouse has since been converted into a private residence.

Posts for March 1-15


Roosevelt Pool, 2002
Roosevelt Pool, 2002

Here is a preview of the forthcoming posts

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Local News Coverage

From time to time, I will post local news, since so much coming and goings in the region go unreported. With three different news outlets, one would assume that there would be considerable coverage.

Amedee, 1916
Amedee, January, 1916 courtesy of Marie Herring Gould

Amedee Sold. While this event is a year old, it is still unknown to many. On February 24, 2014, the Humphrey family that owned Amedee Hot Springs, the abandoned townsite and surrounding ranching property for nearly a century sold it to Hays Ranches for $450,000. It should be noted, that the Humphreys were involved in the McKissick Cattle Company that purchased the Amedee holdings in 1915. By the late, 1920s the town had been abandoned, save for a caretaker. However, visitors would stop by to take advantage of the old bathhouse for a soak from the hot springs.